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February 27, 2010
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pen and ink by LancerMoo pen and ink by LancerMoo
Ehh portfolio stuff. (I guess this doesn't really count as a still life, since a lot of it is straight from my head, but whatever.)

Some parts I like, some parts I don't - why I chose a still life with so many ellipses, I'll never know.
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A well done piece of work here. The composition is nice leading my eye from the collection of white spaces and red/orange hues to the vase and spreading out and around the rest through the branches. I like the contrast of objects that are far away in comparison to objects that are closer. It really presents a sense of depth to the piece. What I love most about this piece is the dominance and contrast of the bright orange bottle and the way this work is painted which represents that of a classical oil painting but with modern objects. However, some technical flaws pop out to me. The spilled wash or ink on the table and paper appears more like stains rather than liquid. I suppose it could have been sitting there long enough for the liquid to evaporate but the way this is set up, it appears freshly spilled. If you wanted it to look freshly spilled you need to add more light reflection in the spill to make it look like liquid. Certain highlights and reflections of the shapes around it would do the trick. Also some of the objects don't look as round as they should be. Now if you really wanted this to look like a classical piece, that would be acceptable because paintings back in those days also had very flat shapes and used no ambient light to really give the objects a 3D space. The ambient light is also the light that is reflected on objects from other objects reflections or atmospheric light. When you hold your hands parallel to each other in a bright light the reflection of the light from one hand will illuminate the other parallel hand even in shadow. But I'm pretty sure your familiar with this. You're no idiot, I can see that from this painting. -_^ Great work!
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MTgrave1 May 15, 2013  Professional General Artist
you seem to have removed my critique.
My apologies for the (very) late reply, but I just now saw this comment and thought I should respond -

I'm not sure what happened to your critique, as I assure you I've barely touched anything in this gallery for well over a year now. I think it's because my premium subscription ran out, seeing as all the critiques on my other pieces seem to have vanished as well.

Just didn't want you to think I removed it on purpose or anything, as I always appreciate it when others take the time to offer their advice.
Ann-McLaren Feb 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Your deviation has been featured in my journal this week. [link] :hug:
Thank you very much! :)
Ann-McLaren Mar 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
You are very welcome.:hug:
Bueshang Feb 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
It's a lovely piece :D
How did you start it?
From the background up?
I actually started with a rough sketch, then I started painting the foreground. Don't follow my example though, that's a reeeally bad way to start a painting. @_@
TeknicolorTiger Feb 27, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
This is just awesome! I love everything about this image! The lighting is very dramatic, and the color choice is really intriguing. I really like the branches coming out of the vase. They add an air of mystery against the dark background. And of course the red paint (I`m assuming) is also suspiciously wonderful. :P The table disintegrating into the background was a nice touch too. I love mysterious pictures like this. It`s quite narrative.
Thank you!
I think the red splatter could read as several things, I thought it would be cool to let the audience interpret it for themselves :)
I was trying my best to put some kind of narrative into it, but I kept changing my mind about what kind of story I was trying to tell with it. I'm glad it reads though, haha. ^^;
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